Beaten Up by Big Data Analytics

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Risks in Big Data Predictions

Winners at Disrupt Law!! Spark-athon (InternetWeekNY)

Disrupt Law!! Spark-athon (InternetWeekNY) - UPDATE

Disrupt Law!! Spark-athon (InternetWeekNY)

A lot of catching up to do...

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Accountability Appliances: What Lawyers Expect to See - Part II (Structure)

Accountability Appliances: What Lawyers Expect to See - Part I (Concept)

Digital Rights, Copyright Enforcement, and a Proposed Compromise

Software Development Cost Overruns & the Titanic

Privacy on the Web - Part II

Privacy on the Web - Part I

Law firms in Second Life

Virtual Keyboard

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POWERCAST - Cordless Recharging


Thesis: Data Mining Email for Compliance (Using Enron as an Example)

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Transparent Accountable Data Mining: New Strategies for Privacy Protection

"Transparent Accountable Inferencing for Privacy Risk Management"

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