Consulting Services

Led by K. Krasnow Waterman: "a senior executive who excels at solving business challenges in data-intensive organizations.  Harnessing more than 20 years of experience in three verticals - technology, operations, and law - K can create business strategy or align with it, produce practical results, and add lasting value. Consistently innovative, on-time, and in-budget, she thrives in high pressure environments. An excellent communicator, she is a strong facilitator able to ensure that all stakeholders get the results they intend. Exceptionally able at accurately predicting and planning for problems, K is expert at driving down costs and delay."

LawTechIntersect is a small consulting and contracting firm, providing management advice or interim leadership. It has provided service in the areas of strategy, design, and policy for law-related technology (e.g., compliance, privacy, access control, privilege management) or highly regulated big data businesses (e.g., banking/finance/cryptocurrency, real estate, investigations).

Sample projects include

  • building a global data analytics group, including oversight of s/w development, creation of organizational structure and recruiting, and data handling agreements and privacy permissions across 100 countries
  • acting as interim VP Ops, building all needed infrastructure, for a funded start-up
  • designing a platform for corporate compliance,
  • evaluating vendors of executive compensation software,
  • creating a complex scenario testbed to test new privacy technology,
  • drafting a transformational strategic plan to implement a pervasive decision-support system for resource allocation,
  • creating strategy and policy for large scale, automated authority based information access control architecture. 
  • providing senior level advice and leadership for development and implementation of identity management 
  • creating a strategy and methodology for making complex law and policy readily usable by programmers building data management technology (compliance, risk, access control, audit, privacy); leading a team through the first implementation
  • participating in an e-commerce micro start-up 

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