K is an independent consultant, advising or providing interim leadership.  In recent years, she has provided service primarily in the areas of strategy, design, and policy for law-related technology (e.g., compliance, privacy, access control, privilege management).  She participates in MIT research on Accountable Systems - web technologies able to determine compliance with law, policy, or agreement.  And, she was the creator and first chair of the American Bar Association's Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

K is also very interested in start-ups.  She has owned three small businesses and helped a number of others.  She created the Linked Data Lab at MIT, providing lectures and coaching in web technology and start-up skills, resulting in business pitches and working prototypes in a week.  That program has become a cross-disciplinary graduate course at MIT (Linked Data Ventures) and has been the launching point for multiple successful businesses, including Locu which was acquired by GoDaddy for $70Million.  She is on the Advisory Board of multiple start-ups, including Prevoty, an innovative Information Security company providing Web Application security services.

Early in her career, K was on the design team for a new IBM outsourced services and storage business; an officer of Morgan Guaranty Trust managing data centers and special technical projects; she then became a trial attorney and in-house legal advisor. K returned to her technology roots when she became inception CIO of the first post-9/11 task force created by President Bush, served as the interim chief operations executive for the reorganization of FBI Intelligence infrastructure, and represented the Department of Homeland Security in high level negotiations to set the requirements for interoperability of federal data systems.  More recently, she served as Global Head of Anti-Money Laundering Infrastructure at Citigroup.

She has built and managed staff, budgets, data centers (hardware, software, and communications), facilities, and other operational assets. K has evaluated thousands of vendors, for the features, performance, and usability of their products; quality of their work, financials, and leadership. As an attorney, K has handled employment, liability, and business cases; she also spent one year advising an FBI office on the day-to-day handling of criminal investigations.

Integrating her business, technology, operations, and law skills, K has produced results for organizations with sophisticated needs. K directed the fast-track build of a $75 million state of the art data facility, directing more than 400 employees and contractors, negotiating a 17% reduction in vendor pricing, and using pc blade technology that produced an 80% reduction in key future costs. In another role, she had matrix management authority over more than 1,000 employees and formulated and justified a $1+ Billion operational budget for that world-wide organization. She has managed risks through the construction of secure, distributed, physical, and virtual facilities, establishing appropriate backup and recovery strategies and continuity of operations plans and policies, as well as deploying risk models and algorithms for internal audit and assessing external customers.

She has led the design and implementation of many software applications including those to integrate legacy and commercial data; to disambiguate individual identities including multiple transliterations of the same names and addresses; to data mine large repositories for patterns or specific facts, and to produce visualizations of data too voluminous for individuals to otherwise comprehend. She has led projects involving global collection and distribution of information.

K is a high energy individual, having attained both her MBA and JD through fulltime day programs while continuing to work fulltime. At MIT, she was the first Sloan Fellow to simultaneously be awarded a 100% research appointment. While studying management of technology, she wrote about real-time analysis of employee emails for compliance; as a law student, she authored an in-depth paper on the loss of confidentiality caused by data aggregration.