The Intersection of Law & Technology

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K. Krasnow Waterman was a pioneering LegalTech professional, having first written about the legal implications of mosaic theory in 1989. She had separate careers in developing and managing technology and practicing and teaching law, before joining the two in 2001.  She has served as a Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations executive, and Assistant General Counsel.  She has held leadership roles at JPMorgan, Citigroup, and the FBI.  She has been a senior advisor and consultant to DHS and MIT.  And, she has owned, managed, and caused the launch of multiple ventures.  She is sought after for work and advice in big data environments, new tech start-ups, and all manner of issues relating to implementing law and policy through technology as well as establishing and interpreting law and policy for technology. She regularly publishes and speaks on these topics. Click here to read her detailed bio.